If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.

Deepak Chopra

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."

Margaret Fuller

What have I learned in all this time living with a multitude of Chronic Challenges? No one thing will work to heal you, there's no "Chronic Illness for Dummies" book to help you, and nothing will change unless you do...

I've also learned that the Chronically Ill & disabled communities, on top of being disadvantaged by society, are targeted by ableism, gaslighting, skepticism, bank breaking schemes, and soul crushing realities.


I felt lost in this darkness until I found a few people in situations similar to mine saying,

"Hey! Here's my struggle. This is what I've found works, and this is my Truth - let's C&C *compare & contrast* some notes and see if we can't discover something together." 


So I'm here to tell you my truth as a friend. Life can be adapted to these chronic circumstances we find ourselves in - and it all starts with you & me. It's a small spark but any large fire is born from a single spark. These chronic challenges can be so isolating if we let them. Instead, let's come together as a community, figuring our way through it, together.


Life with Chronic Conditions doesn't get easier, we get stronger.

Welcome To It.


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First Of Her Name​

 After 3 years of intense battle plagued by multiple mysterious illnesses, she collapsed. Mentally, physically, emotionally - she had reached her breaking point. Unable to even fall to her knees, she laid down on her horizontal throne of pillows and sobbed.

Is that it, life?! 

She shouted to the sky one night as the pain was overwhelming and the diagnosis of JHS had just been confirmed. Continuing to shout at an empty universe she bellowed,

Is this f*ckin' it? Because I handled everything else you threw at me, but if THIS COULD BE F*CKING IT, THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC.


And it was there, lying flat in a bundled body of pain like barbed wires, that your Chronic Illness Warrior Hero, Cryo Kween, First of Her Name, was born. She lay in her pain now knowing she could handle it, and whatever else came at her because now she had the knowledge. The knowledge of different treatments & healing, the willingness to try everything, knowing what worked & didn't, the power of positive thinking, basics of holistic nutrition, how emotions manifest as pain in the body - all of these pieces of knowledge, sewed together as the hinged layers of her battle armor. Dressed in her knowledge and ready for the longterm battle, The Warrior Kween had arrived. Self-coronated, she gave an oath to reign over the mind & body with peace, kindness, and positive self-talk; her constant goal to bring forth balance, help others on their journey, and to live her best life possible.

It started out Gluten-Free, then morphed into Sugar, Dairy, Soy, and Nightshade Free, and even after all that, I was still having horrible gut symptoms.
That's when I read the Plant Paradox book and realized I was sensitive to SO many of the foods I was eating daily! 
Going Lectin-Free might seem restricting at first, but it lead me to AIP Vegan - the only "diet plan" that's ever worked for me.
It took time and a lot of effort to figure out, but it was worth it - what we put into our bodies is the key to maintaining a positive health trend.
See how an on-the-go Modern Woman Living With Chronic Illness maintains a
Lectin-Free, AIP Vegan diet.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.