From My Perspective

I've always wanted to help people. From a young age, it was my instinct to help others any way I could. As a divorced adult woman on her own in her late-20's, juggling multiple chronic illnesses, an over-time corporate event planning job, and stacks on stacks of medical bills, I finally found my way to help people.


There is no guide-book, no how-to for dealing with Chronic Illness. No "Chronic Illness for Dummies", no "10 Steps to Relieving Chronic Fatigue", no Chronic Illness TedTalks...No one who isn't selling something is saying, 


"Hey - here's my struggle. I'm STILL struggling but here's what I've learned so far that can totally help you too!" 


I'm so happy to share with you through my blog that life with Chronic Illness can get better, and it starts with you. I'm going through some of the same sh*t life's throwing at you - so let's go through it together as friends!


This sh*t is dark, isolating, and hard enough to deal with, so let's add a little light where we can. I'm not selling anything or seeking attention, I just want to be there for you as your friend through this crazy thing we call Chronic Illness (or if you don't have C.I, this crazy thing called life) 


Friends are what get you through the journeys in life


ours is just beginning

Life with Chronic Illness can be so isolating.

But I'm so happy to tell you that you're not alone!


Check out my blog posts below to see how I'm getting through this.


You never know - something I figured out might work for you too! 

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