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Unable to even fall to my knees, I laid down on my horizontal throne of pillows and sobbed.

"Is that it, life?! "


I shouted to the sky one night as the pain was overwhelming and my diagnosis of JHS had just been confirmed. Continuing to shout at an empty universe I bellowed,


"Is this f*ckin' it? Because I handled everything else you threw at me, but if THIS COULD BE F*CKING IT, THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC. "

With my new self-proclaimed title came the realization that I really could answer my calling to help people. From a young age it was my first instinct to help others in any way I could.


As a divorced adult woman on her own in her mid-20's, juggling multiple chronic illnesses, an over-time corporate event planning job, and stacks on stacks of medical bills, I finally found my way to help.


Through my illnesses and experiences, I've cultivated tools, coping mechanisms, and hacks along with inspiration that I want to share with others also affected or struggling.

Here's my story: I am a 27-year-old who's been struggling with her health and searching for answers for well over a decade. In December 2017, I got answers I did not expect.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, Lupus, EBV, Fibromyalgia and Joint Hyper-Mobility Syndrome.
3 years of intense battle, struggle, growth, and pain later I collapsed. Mentally, physically, emotionally - I had reached my breaking point.
Dislocated Hip, 110 lbs

And it was there, lying flat in a body bundled in pain like barbed wire, that the Chronic Illness Warrior Hero, Cryo Kween, First of Her Name, was born. Instead of torn down, I felt stronger knowing I could handle whatever else came at me because now, I had the knowledge and experience to do so.

I had already made extreme progress and put my Autoimmune Diseases into remission using Cryotherapy & a Lectin Free diet in just over 3 months. I was evolving and learning how to navigate through the constant battle that is Chronic Illness.


I had knowledge of different treatments & healing and the willingness to try everything, I knew now what worked & didn't, I had discovered the power of positive thinking, I knew the basics of holistic nutrition, and I was in tune with how emotions manifested as pain in my body - all these pieces of knowledge, sewed together as the hinged layers of my battle armor.

Dressed in my knowledge and ready for longterm combat, The Warrior Kween had arrived. Self-coronated, I swore an oath to reign over my mind & body with peace, kindness, and positive self-talk; my constant goal to bring forth balance, help others on their journey, and live my best life possible.

Trust me - sharing this is NOT easy for me. Like so many of you out there, people in my life very close to me didn't understand my illnesses and ended up resenting and leaving me.

From these experiences, I have lingering feelings of





and rejection

from showing just PARTS of my true pain and struggle.


The thought of sharing all of my struggle, unfiltered, scares the sh*t out of me. But the only way I can truly relate and be your friend through this is if you can see that I'm struggling too, just like you.

There's no guide-book, no how-to for dealing with Chronic Illness. No "Chronic Illness for Dummies", no "10 Steps to Relieving Chronic Fatigue", no Chronic Illness TedTalks even...No one who isn't selling something is saying,

"Hey - here's my struggle. I'm STILL struggling but here's what I've learned so far that can totally help you too!"

I'm here as your friend to tell you that life with Chronic Illness can get better - and that it starts with you. You are not responsible for the trauma,  illness, or pain but you are responsible for your healing.

And I'm right here beside you, going through some of the very same sh*t life's throwing at you. This can be a long, dark, isolating, sh*tty journey so let's add a little light where we can!


Not selling anything, not seeking attention, just wanting to be there as your friend through this crazy thing we call Chronic Illness (or if you don't have C.I, this crazy thing called LIFE)


Friends are what get you through the journeys in life



is just beginning

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” 
Brené Brown

Struggling is all a part

of healing,

so why not heal together?


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