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What DO I Eat?

Over the years I've tried every diet & fad to try and relieve my constant, IBS-like stomach woes.

The major changes started when I received my diagnosis of a few Autoimmune Diseases along with a stern lecture that I had to go 
This was ridiculously hard for me.
I used to eat gluten at every meal, hell - Cheeze-its & Rosé was my single-girl dinner and I legit wanted to be a grown-up just so I could make Pasta at 2 am if I wanted (which I did on many, many occasions).
So not only did I have to end my toxic love-affair with gluten, but I also had to cut sugar, nightshades, soy, and dairy just for starters.
It felt like everywhere I turned in a grocery store, I saw a big red "NO" sign over 90% of the products on the shelves. 
And forget about going OUT to eat. A huge part of my life now seemed empty and dark.
I used to be the pickiest eater and at one time, my favorite food was actually butter.
I've weighed 180 lbs and 107 lbs.
Where my eating habits were never a strong suit for me, finding comfort in crappy food always was.
But it was poisoning me...I can't say how long I've had it, but I've had symptoms of what
we now know is Leaky Gut since
That's me on the right
Yes, that's a chocolate-covered cream puff marshmallow skewer.

It got better over time as I immersed myself in the new diet, but months later I was still having horrible gut symptoms. That's when I read the Plant Paradox book and realized I was sensitive to SO many of the foods I was eating daily! Going Lectin-Free might seem restricting at first, but it's the only thing that's ever worked for me. It took time and a lot of effort to figure out, but it was worth it - what we put into our bodies is the key to maintaining a positive health trend.

Check out my recipe posts to see how a modern, on-the-go, Chronically Ill woman with a budget nourishes her body!
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