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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I do a lot to maintain and try to improve my conditions. It takes time, money, and a lot of effort, but my body's health is a worthy investment of all the above.

For those who have Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Diseases, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), or like-illnesses I've listed out the therapies I use and how they help me. My only hope in sharing this is that maybe this knowledge can help someone else:

❄️ Cryotherapy - I froze daily for 3 months to put my Autoimmune Diseases into remission, and will have to go daily again for a few months every year to keep them there. I currently go at least twice a week to maintain wellness and ease often occurring muscle & joint pains.

Here are some facts about Cryotherapy and why it works:

❄️ Athletes use it like an ice bath to reduce inflammation. *only dry cold is much more tolerable than wet cold* When you have an autoimmune disease, your body is attacking itself damn-near constantly, causing long-lasting, sometimes body-wide inflammation. When the body is in a state of constant attack, it can't heal itself and will only keep on attacking. Cryotherapy gives a body under attack from its immune system that chance to heal without being constantly bombarded by inflammation.

❄️ Cryotherapy has been used in Europe to treat various Autoimmune Diseases since the late '70s. I've read reports of people who use Cryotherapy as a treatment for 2-3 months and only go back to repeat the process after being symptom-free for 9-12 months.

❄️ It's safe. There are no needles, chemicals, rude doctors, recovery time, or side effects. With WBC (Whole Body Cryotherapy) you stand in the subzero freezer, monitored by a staff member, for 4 minutes at negative 130 degrees. You're in the chamber just long enough to trick your body into trying to heal you. It rejuvenates the immune & blood systems, giving you a mini fresh-start every session.

❄️ Other than for Autoimmune purposes, people use Cryotherapy to recover from workouts, surgeries, injuries, to lose weight *when your body has to jumpstart and warm itself from the cold, you burn major calories*, to help with all signs of aging, reduce migraines & headaches, to treat mood & sleep disorders, and to even help with skin conditions.

🔥 Infrared Sauna - I use this therapy in tandem with Cryo!

Benefits include:

🔥Reduced inflammation

🔥Relieving muscle & joint pains

🔥Better sleep


🔥Weight loss

🔥Relief from sore muscles

🔥Relief from joint pain such as arthritis and other connective tissue disorders

🔥Improved circulation

🔥Helps battle chronic fatigue

As someone with poor circulation, I love *aka live in* the infrared sauna. Unlike a regular steam sauna that dehydrates you from the outside in, the infrared waves in this sauna heats you up from the inside out - a much healthier, less damaging, more restorative and detoxifying sweat!

💉 Vitamin IV Therapy - To treat extreme symptoms of Fibromyalgia, I receive infusions of a Vitamin Forumula called Meyer's Cocktail. Bag. I got 3 weekly treatments to start. I tapered down to every other week for the next two, and then went monthly for a total of 8 treatments. This series of IVs relieved my brain fog, muscle pain & spasms, fatigue & sleep issues, and it renews energy levels ⚡

I will let you know, these treatments are not cheap. Some places might have them at a lesser cost, but make sure you're getting quality ingredients pumping through your already-sick-ass veins! I pay $240 for each treatment/appointment. Yikes - I know. But also, fuck not being able to go to work or function at all because of chronic pain.

👐 Myofascial Release - This gentle type of massage loosens & retrains the connective tissue of the musculoskeletal system (Fascia) to let go. This issue with Fascia is a huge source of muscle pain in people with Fibromyalgia. (Check out my post on Fascia & Fibro here) I started by going weekly, then every other week, and now go once a month. It scares me, when I neglect my Fascial care, how tight my muscles get. This therapy really is worth looking into if you experience the extreme muscle and bone pains associated with Fibromyalgia. And it was covered by my insurance! #smallwins

🦴 Chiropractic Care - I was in an accident almost 5 years ago that left my neck messed up pretty damn good. That physical trauma, paired with the frequent muscle spasming, ribs popping out, and general bad posture due to mobility aides & being disjointed means I get a lot of pain relief from Chiropractic Care. I do twice weekly adjustments *also covered by insurance!*

🌊 Pool Therapy - I'm currently using hydrotherapy to slowly and gently build up the muscles around my joints so that I can someday use said muscles to keep my joints in place. With that superpower, I'll be able to walk without mobility aides bitchiz 🤞

This process could take years, but I'm down for the ride. My body has been broken down by the gravity of life and it's worth building back up. Through this process, mental toughness isn't the only muscle I'm working. I failed at taking care of my body up until this point - showing self-love & hoping for healing in the water 💗

☮️ Acupuncture - Aka the key to my stress relief, which is a huge help when it comes to managing Autoimmune & Chronic Illness. It also relieves my joint & muscle pains just to name a few more benefits.

More on this soon - stay tuned for my acupuncture journey!

🥦 Food Heals - If I've learned one lesson throughout this whole process it's that, unfortunately for those of us raised on a modern American diet, one's diet is the key to where wellness starts in the body. For me, a mostly Lectin Free diet keeps my gut & IBS-like symptoms at bay and is currently the only diet I've tried that does so. But, alas, I am human and healthy eating is just not something I'm naturally good at. But as time goes on and I keep needing to eat, I find more and more things to enjoy in this allergen-adapted food world.

*The following pictures are proof that allergen-adapted foods, even if not ENTIRELY PP (Plant Paradox) Compliant, exist and are worth seeking out or making.*

This Smile Brought To You By So Much Ginger It Burns

To get back on track with my PP Compliant diet after "vacation eating" all summer, I tried a juice cleanse and ended up loving it!🍍The idea that I can easily access a way to cleanse my food-loving system helped me feel much better about messing up and needing a re-start.

*and to be honest, it was a relief not to have to meal plan or eat for a whole week*

If you're interested in giving yourself a solid starting platform to stand on when it comes to eating healthy, check out this company! (they ship country-wide too) Pressed Juicery

not only has amazing, quality, cold-pressed juices conveniently packaged and labeled for your ease, but also is extremely affordable and ships country-wide!

*and they have healthy gummy bears, you guys!

healthy. gummy bears.*

These therapies have brought me such a very long way. There's no comparison between where I am now and the state of pain & chaos my body was in that made me question every day whether I could keep going. But my journey with therapies & healing is just beginning. I can't wait to bring you along and share lessons learned, positivity & happiness gained, #chronicillnesshacks, and future explorations into all the areas of life C.I. touches <3

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